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. >> stephanie: yeah, well now in california that puts you in morally good character. >> you were siphoning. >> oh, yeah. >> stephanie: i had never seen that sign at a gas station. it said long hoses only. [ giggling ] >> stephanie: i don't know. it's monday you know what that means. ♪ >> stephanie: good morning, rudeness. >> perfect lead in. >> stephanie: exactly i was trying to be rude to make him feel at home. >> i always feel warm nestled in your arms. >> stephanie: the president you said he [ censor bleep ] hard. however, you say if republican mitt romney had an actual plan, last night would have been a game changer. while he doesn't he put on a good show. >> yeah, and unfortunately we live in a country where putting on a good show is what people primarily need to do. >> stephanie: yeah i'm wondering don't you think it certainly helps that it has been so thoroughly fact checked in the meantime and the president has some up with the zingers the day after? >> yeah, that made it that such sadder. i'm trying to see if i can find a happy clappy thought. >> stephanie: yo
. the phone number toll free from anywhere. ron in california. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi ron. >> caller: hi, steph. >> stephanie: hi. >> caller: i'm calling about two things. one, i think the democrats have done a terrible job about attacking paul ryan. paul ryan is a man who said the most important woman in his life other than his mother was ayn rand an avowed atheist and worse than that, she is a woman who preaches the doctrine -- preaches the doctrine of objectivism. he then disavowed said he didn't know she was an atheist although he spoke at the society dinner. >> you have to know that she's an atheist. >> absolutely. >> he praised her to the moon. when we look at the budget that mr. ryan has come up with, it isn't based on his catholic faith. it is based on objectivism. >> stephanie: that's why the bishops and the nuns have both come out against his budget and said it is immoral. hilarious. he's the quote-unquote catholic candidate. michelle in ohio, you're on "the stephanie miller show."
in california thinks i won the tart-off. good morning andrew. >> caller: you mentioned the skirt -- we didn't get to see it. >> stephanie: really, then they shot it differently this time. >> they put jacki on the end there, and you could see her legs. when you guys see the shot of the calfs, you never nately got that one. >> stephanie: thank you. >> but both were better than paul ryan's calfs. >> caller: oh, yeah, i don't workout, and i have better calfs than paul ryan does. [ laughter ] >> caller: in the same way president obama had to learn, the next time you guys do the predebate thing, you have to work the camera a little bit better to your advantage too. >> stephanie: right. i'm going to make her wear a parka and leggings and put baby in the corner. >> i would suggest a slightly longer skirt. >> stephanie: really? >> there was a danger. >> stephanie: there was not. >> well . . . [ laughter ] >> stephanie: phil good morning. >> caller: goment. i looked at the cnn poll randomly called after the debate. >> so there was nothing scientific about that one. it was scienti
of california are your three friends. apparently i only had three. how many of you use the same shower? how long are you in it? what time do you get up for your 8:30 a.m. class? do you take naps? are you playing tennis? what the name of the church you attend. >> oh, boy. >> stephanie: how many boys and girls attend with you. that's all. that was my mom's -- [ applause ] 30 years ago and i'm sweating. the name of the church is -- our lady of -- >> how many of your friends share the shower with you while you're in it. >> i think she had an inkling about something. before you did. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: how long are you in there? is there any washing going on? [ laughter ] >> wow. >> is there lube involved? >> stephanie: i'm all nervous. i can't remember the answers now! i can't remember that my church -- attended -- attendance kind of dropped off. [ wah wah ] i probably made up, it is the church right on the corner of -- >> how did you get to your malibu party? >> stephanie: i don't know. >> hitched a rid
is a little excitable this morning. okay. lou in california. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi, lou. >> caller: good morning, stephanie and everyone. >> stephanie: good morning. >> caller: hey listen, as good a job as you are doing informing everyone, i don't know if anybody caught it but on msnbc yesterday, they had a little thing talking to undecided voters in ohio state university and they were asking questions what's going to make you sway either way. and they asked a young lady who she was going to vote for. she said she didn't know and she was leaning toward romney because of his record in massachusetts. now, people just aren't paying attention. what's going on here? >> stephanie: look, that's the one thing i was saying i british the president talked about was his record in massachusetts but i think it fell at the end of the debate when he was touting his record and the president didn't want to end on that note but oh my god. what more do you need to know than the president is ahead by 30 points in ma
the courts. let's go to steve in walnut creek, california. hi, steve. >> caller: hi quick question and then a quick comment. i heard a rumor that you are bringing sexy liberal up to san jose. >> stephanie: there's nothing planned for right now. the last show for this year is in new york city next saturday. >> caller: okay. romney's kid, secret service or not, president obama had nothing to worry about because the romneys never fight. >> stephanie: yeah, right. >> i'm going to pay some guy to beat you up. >> stephanie: uh-huh. seal in massachusetts. >> caller: hey, thank you for taking my call. so nice to hear shannon there. >> stephanie: twenty seconds, honey sorry. >> caller: former employee of the state and i worked at the [ inaudible ] center which is a facility for developmentally disabled people, and in the process of closing there is only a handful of people still working and living there families still fighting to keep it open and as one point -- >> stephanie: oh, boy. got to go to break. ♪ "stephanie miller show." [♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: oka
to $3.87 but it is worse for drivers in alaska, connecticut california new york and illinois where the average price is already more than $4 a gallon. analysts say with global oil prices continuing to climb to new highs pump prices throughout the rest of the u.s. could soon well above the $4 barrier as well. >> one of the problems that we've had for a number of years with the media and the entire media mostly journalists is that these charges get put out there against the bush administration or someone else and journalists don't really examine the substance of it like we do during a political nature. at least in "the washington post" and sometimes on o'reilly with his reality check on this channel, they look at certain claims or promises to see what the facts are behind them. the facts are no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices. those are market forces. >> you're absolutely right. >> wait a minute! it is completely different. [ applause ] >> stephanie: thank you. okay. 45 minutes after the ho
, that is what we are focusing on. >> stephanie: i have gotten that e-mail since i live in california. you are useless there. here take a bus somewhere so you can help. [laughter] >> stephanie: kal, i was curious, i don't know if you know off the top of your head, where else is early voting? i know the president is doing very well in early voting. ohio. where else do they have early voting, do you know? ohio. north carolina i believe if i am not mistaken has early voting. florida. floridians early voting started saturday the 27th. if you go to i think the website is -- or rather it will tell you if your state has early vote. >> stephanie: we'll put a link up on stephaniemiller do the do come. very exciting the colin powell endorsed the president. i don't know how anybody couldn't have after the debate. >> i agree. the president was clearly so well versed and made the case for why, you know, as commander-in-chief he's done a tremendous job bringing our troops home
. >> there was. >> stephanie: linda in california you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. i have three quickies and one relevant. will you let me do it? >> stephanie: sure. >> caller: before anybody votes for lord mitt romney they might want to check out the september 22nd airing of how the state got their shapes. it's about utah and mormons. >> i have seen that special. it's really cool. >> caller: it is. and people should check that out before they vote for mitt. the second thing is thanks to the women who cleaned their house, because i was sitting around like a big slug enjoying your show, but now i have gotten cleaning. and third thing is scott brown would not comment on the red sox question, and elizabeth warren is not afraid to answer any questions. >> stephanie: yeah she has a bigger set. martha blackburn she is the tea party gal, tennessee. she said libya was worse than water gate. she said this is very very serious. on friday mike huckabee also indicated that obama should be impeached over the incident. [ applause ] >> really? there is a g
of the fun facts then. i'm trying one more christine in california are you there? >> caller: oh, my god. >> stephanie: there we go. >> caller: you guys are awesome. you are like prozac for me in the morning and i was just going to say -- i changed my mind because the other caller said it so beautifully i learned a new weird, pseudolift he has visions, they are dilutional -- >> stephanie: he has double vision because he had been on both sides of every issue. [ coughing ] >> caller: i just took a hit off of my dildo bong. [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: kevin you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, kevin? hi kevin? >> oh, what happened? >> stephanie: i don't know. there is something -- let's go -- >> maybe there's an electromagnetic pulse -- >> stephanie: oh it's the ones that magically changed those job numbers. isn't that what they said in the right-wing world. >> those guys they'll just change those numbers around and then that will happen and then -- >> stephanie: yeah. bill crystal not a romney fan, is he? >> he is being very vocal too. >> stephanie: he said romney has
away. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: representative adam schiff of the grate state of california. good morning, representative. >> good morning. >> stephanie: thank you for joining us. >> you bet. >> stephanie: are you still basking in the post debate glow. >> i am. i thought the president was terrific. >> stephanie: favorite moment? >> i thought his answer on libya was so powerful and i thought he displayed his commander in chief credentials for all to see. and that was just a powerful response on a difficult question. >> that was probably what made tagg wanted to take a swing at him. >> stephanie: yeah. tagg romney on a radio show. >> what is it like for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar? how do you react to that? >> jump out of your seat and rush down the debate stage and take a swing at him. but you know you didn't do that because there is a lot of secret service between you and me. >> the only thing stopping him. >> stephanie: yeah. >> i would have felt that way when i heard my dad if i were him make the comment in the first deba
. >> it sounds like here in california the state takes care of earthquake insurance. >> correct. >> gotcha. and there is a whole thing on citizens, but they came out and assessed the damage at $7,500. my mom's deductible was $8,000 because of the wind, the way that works, so we're like -- so they depreciated -- it's a game right? >> right. >> i saw the damage there was no way there was that amount of damage. >> right. >> so the next door neighbor -- same thing his house -- i looked and i said i don't see a lot of damage. they assessed his damage at $11,000, he has a $12,000 deductedable. so i said mom call fema. she called fema. she had to fill out all kinds of -- she had to fill out all kinds of paper, give her income tax and do all of this stuff to qualify, and they came and assessed, and they said you have probably around $2,000 worth of damage, you know -- it's not as high as citizens did it. and they ended up giving her -- they said are you safe, do you have a place to live? and she said yes, i'm fine and with her income they ended up giving her -- she just got
? >> stephanie: that's what i don't get. christie in california. >> oh, wait, he's white. >> caller: good morning, stephanie. >> stephanie: good morning christie. >> caller: you have lovely hands. >> stephanie: i do? why thank you. >> caller: i just wanted to say i think -- i just wanted to say i think it was in denver when obama -- someone shouted from the audience i love you and he right back at ya he said. i love you right back. that's a beautiful aura. i don't know what color that would be. but can you imagine if anyone said that to mitt. >> stephanie: remember, jim i think only once that happened. he said something really awkward. he was like oh, i only love ann. [ crickets chirping ] >> i -- have great affinity for people of -- >> stephanie: humans as well. thank you for sharing your -- >> ha, ha, ha. laugh nervously. >> oh, my god. >> stephanie: okay. 17 minutes -- thank god i did not make panicky laughter my drinking game today. glug glug, glug, glug. 17 minutes -- no, that's the paul ryan debate. drink
. blaming enron and what they did to california on recalling him. >> he was the one who tried to prevent that disaster. >> stephanie: schwarzenegger turned out to be so great. [ wah wah ] >> a few things in his nature. what exactly would you do as governor? >> things of that nature. >> those kinds of things. >> stephanie: we figured out what he was. what things of this nature went. what he was going to do was... the maid. >> there you go. >> stephanie: greg in boston you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> hey stephanie. thank you for taking my call. happy halloween. thank you for letting me speak also with elvira. i love elvira. >> oh, thank you. >> stephanie: is there a man alive who doesn't? for god's sake. >> the straights the gays, everybody. >> let me just tell you that. >> thank you. >> stephanie: you make men giddy. look at you. >> caller: make me giddy but it doesn't take a lot to make me giddy. the reason i'm calling -- i'm mad as hell because i of course suffered through the term of
that's inconvenient. ronda in chico, california. even the unnecessary abortions that doctors perform on people that aren't pregnant. >> what? >> stephanie: hi ronda. >> caller: this is ronda from chico, and i have a partner who is a wonderful woman, she is a nurse, and yes i'm a lesbian, oh, my god -- and she so loves you. there are times when we'll be doing something, and it's like i can't talk right now i'm watching stephanie. and i'm like oh my god. so it's so awesome to finally meet the other woman. >> stephanie: yeah, take that. go ahead. >> caller: what i think about the debate in a nutshell i agree with chris matthews. but i'll share it ronda style. jim lehrer was a whimp, mitt romney was a bully, and obama needs to step it up. he needs to say in his debates what he pays for in his ads. >> stephanie: yep. >> caller: you can be classy and presidential, but it's a fight -- >> stephanie: yeah got to bring it. can't bring a knife to a gun fight something like that. >> yep. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ (vo
't happen in west hollywood. >> it was beautiful in california. >> stephanie: pat robertson went further. not just hurricanes. you remember earthquakes tornadoes, possibly a meteor. and alligator setting up on their hind legs chewing baby children. >> stephanie: alligators in bowling hats. >> really? >> stephanie: yes, indeed. david bender real quick with some breaking polling news for us. good morning, david bender. >> happy halloween everybody. i've got some candy for you! this just in. the cbs quinnipiac and quinnipiac, the most accurate poll two years ago. the most accurate. obama up by one in florida. two in virginia. five in ohio. >> ooh! >> just in. >> i hope that holds. >> that's candy for everybody. it doesn't mean that we stop working. this is before people get to see his andrew shepherd moment of the last three days. >> stephanie: that's right. he is the president -- so take that. thank you. >> happy halloween. hi elvira. >> hi. that's a great treat. thank you. >> stephanie: make sure
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)